Haley Milano

In March 2009, Haley Milano hit rock bottom. She had no skills, no education, and the economy was taking her from behind. She was rejected from 17 job interviews in a row. That’s when Haley turned to stripping at Spearmint Rhino, “one of the classier establishments” she says. Haley wasn’t happy with her new occupation. So being the savvy business person she is, Haley developed an internet marketing program that made her “$682 point eight thousand dollars in just 90 days.” Damn that’s impressive Haley. When I first watched your video I was surprised you knew what the internet was. I had you all wrong.

Haley Milano is more than just an ex-stripper turned internet marketing millionaire; she’s a philanthropist. She’s on a mission to help others go from rags to riches by giving you the same tools she used to get rich…at a fee of course. But don’t worry, the tools are easy to use. According to Haley you click one button and sit back as the checks start rolling in. Did I mention that Haley Milano doesn’t shop for groceries anymore? That’s because her personal shopper does it for her. If you’re assuming she cooks her food, you’re wrong. Milano says she has “enough money to pay a personal chef [to] cook my favorite walnut pancakes in bed every Monday.”

But don’t take my word for it. Hear it directly from Haley Milano, ex-stripper turned internet marketing millionaire.