In a new study by Zokem, researchers tracked 10,000 smartphone users to identify the usage patterns of the applications they used. Some of the big names like YouTube and Facebook made the list, but what I found to be most interesting is the frequency these applications are used on a categorical level.

The y-axis represents the average number of days a user used an application in the given category. The x-axis represents the percentage of users who used an application in the given category. The size of the bubble represents the amount of time the user used the application in the given category each day. I can’t attest to the accuracy of the graph, although 10,000 people seems like a fair enough sample population; however, I’m calling bullshit on the “adult entertainment” percentage.

click to enlarge. (yes, I know they spelled “Matrix” incorrectly.)

Smartphone App Usage Graph

[via: GigaOM]