BSC - Week 10

Good morning, everyone!  Week Ten of the Big Skeezy Challenge is in the books.  I can’t believe that it’s already been ten weeks of this thing.  Like I said last week, this week was the annual Spring Training trip down to Arizona to watch some baseball.  Would the four day vacation be the undoing of the Skeeze?  Let’s break it down:

The week started normally, with eating the usual stuff and getting some good gym sessions in.  On Thursday morning it was off to Phoenix to start a well-deserved vacation.  The Diplomat was on important Cosby Sweaters business elsewhere and would meet me later in the day, with the CS Legal Counsel, Kendrick, coming in that night.

With some time to spare before the boys arrived I decided to get a solid gym session in because I know how Spring Training gets.  How does it get, you ask?  Real.  It gets real.  If history has taught us anything about these trips, they are basically filled with days drinking beers poolside and at baseball games, followed by evenings out with the people we met during the day to consume a few more drinks and party into the night.  That being said, this is what you will see after waking up in the morning and going out to your poolside patio:

Oh Heavens

That’s a shot from our patio on Saturday morning.  See what I mean?

I knew going into this trip that this could very well be the week I slipped up.  I knew I’d be doing things I shouldn’t be doing but I’d also resigned myself to it.  I was on vacation, dammit, and I was going to roll the dice.

And roll the dice I did.  I ate Five Guys (for the first time ever, actually).  I had pizza.  I had beer, which is an understatement as to the amount of beer I actually had.  I helped judge a televised karaoke contest at a casino.  I ate rack of lamb.  I crashed a wedding.  I watched baseball.  I had a blast.

Sunday was actually a very calm day as far as the vacation goes, as I didn’t consume any alcohol and ate moderately well.  I knew coming home that I was going to have to hit the gym like the fist from an angry god in order to shake off what was left of Spring Training.  I did so and slept a bit fitfully last night, wondering how today would turn out.

I went through my usual routine this morning, stepped on the scale and found out that I…

…lost a pound.

Seriously?  How on earth that happened is beyond me.  I can only think that all of the walking we did down there helped out some, plus I did do a lot of swimming.  Regardless, I count myself as lucky to have lost that single pound, even if it is the worst week I’ve had yet.

For those of you keeping score at home that brings the total weight loss to 45 pounds.  In order to hit my birthday goal I need to lose another 26 pounds in 25 days.  That’s a pound a day.  Let the good times roll…