Alligator Guards Marijuana Grow Operation

Police were greeted by a 4-foot., 55-pound alligator during a pot bust yesterday at a home in Hemet, CA. The alligator, whose name is Wally, was guarding a grow operation of 2,200 marijuana plants with an approximate value of $1.5 million. Wally’s owner, 29-year old John Donna, was released on $100,000 bail and charged with cultivation and possession of marijuana. It’s illegal in California to own an alligator but it doesn’t look like he’s being charged with that.

Joel Almquist, owner of Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, was called to the scene to retrieve Wally. Almquist says the gator is “really mellow” and will join sixteen other alligators at the sanctuary. Almquist adds that in addition to the gator’s new home, he will probably get a new name, “Marley.” Clever.

Watch the video because there are quite a few hidden gems along the way.

[via: KFSN Fresno]