Today marks the 14th anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace. Of course, we have BIG on repeat today and are continued to be mesmerized by how many hits he packed into a career that was cut way too short. It’s almost impossible to come up with a list of his best songs, but here are some of our favorites. How close is this to your list? We might disagree on some the rankings, but we all agree that we miss Biggie R.I.P.

10. What’s Beef?

Reasoning: BIG was going through so much REAL drama at this point in his life. It made this song so haunting.

9. Me & My Bitch

Reasoning: One of the best hood love songs of all time.

8. 10 Crack Commandments

Reasoning: Jay-Z may have had the Blueprint, but Biggie LITERALLY supplied a step-by-step manual for aspiring street pharmacists.

7. Gimme The Loot

Reasoning: BIG was so young and so hungry on this track.

6. Warning

Reasoning: Best beginning to a song in the history of hip hop.

5. Juicy

Reasoning: On the list for his cultural relevance and they it’s message of dreaming big transcended race and culture.

4. Brooklyn’s Finest (Jay-Z Featuring BIG)

Reasoning: Probably the best collaboration song in rap history.

3. Notorious Thugs

Reasoning: Simple. He had Bones Thugs on this track. He said, “let me borrow your style” and then did the Bones Thug style better than Bones Thugs.

2. One More Chance (remix)

Reasoning: You can picture BIG at the bar, Henny is hand just spitting game.

1. Who Shot Ya?

Reasoning: HARD. Flawless.