As technology progresses in order to simplify our lives, it too often seems to be complicating it by adding to the clutter. That noise will be for a different discussion, altogether. Yet once in a while, someone actually makes an honest attempt at making the world around us run a little smoother. The Flojuggler tries to do just that.

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From a man’s perspective, female menstruations are touchy subjects. We do not fully understand them. We never get the opportunity to fully experience them. If given the chance to decide, we would continue to gracefully opt out. It is straight up taboo that grosses us out. Of course given the caring nature that all men possess, we tend to mind when it affects us.

The Flojuggler was built to track the one definite thing that men try to avoid at all costs. Flojuggler allows you to log and gauge the cycles of up to ten women on a flow chart. According to the website, Flojuggler’s benefits can be reached by not only men with significant others, but for women as well. Though I have read that it might not be that useful after awhile for some women. It is basically meant for those other than the woman in question to plan around these times of the month. Flojuggler clearly states that this is not meant to be a pregnancy tool.

Flojuggler private profile detailing the periods of periods

You simply input in the approximate inception date of the last period, the length of her cycle, and the number of days during the actual event into your private Flojuggler account. You then are free to add notes, pictures, and even email alerts on upcoming flows. The main aspect is the ability to have the so-called future flows clearly mapped out. You can input any date far in advance to see where on the cycle the woman will be.  We at Cosby Sweaters are unsure of Flojuggler’s accuracy. Outside of Southern California, humankind still has yet to be able to forecast the weather with certainty.

Now I would hope that as a man you would only know this detailed information as it pertains to your mate. To have any of this information about any one besides your wife and maybe your daughters is cause for consideration as a stalker or an all out creep. Go find a girlfriend. Strike that. It might be best for all of us if you kept to yourself.

Flojuggler Prediction Tool

While Flojuggler can be seen as something very useful from a man’s perspective, the buyer (it’s actually free) must beware. If you are caught keeping track of menstrual cycles, I can guarantee two very distinct outcomes:

  1. Your lady or woman of interest will be very excited to hear that you are interested in her overall health as a female. You will be showered with love and appreciation due to your deeper understanding of her and her needs. Congratulations.
  2. Your lady or woman of interest will be all but excited to learn that you have recorded her menstruation history in detail only to better fit your future schedule. She will paint you as insensitive and uncaring. You will be showered at high pitch with true or not true anecdotes of how men have been oppressing women since the dawn of Eve because of these certain times of the month. Brace yourself, ‘you misogynist prick.’ Expect the blackout days to go further than the Flojuggler suggests.

For all of you still confused about menstruation, my job ends here with a catchy tune:
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Tips: Please, do not integrate Flojuggler with social media, no matter what. Thank you.

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