Facebook American History X

Facebook is the go-to website on the internet. There isn’t a place on the web where the average person spends more time. Facebook accounted for virtually 9% of all U.S. web visits between January and November in 2010—not bad considering Cosby Sweaters wasn’t around during most of that.

As Facebook continues to dominate international web traffic and its users continue to share their lives in the form of photos, videos, and status messages all carefully manufactured and pruned for public consumption, there becomes a point, a point most people have reached, when these ignoramuses live a reality that bears the slightest resemblance to the one they once lived. A reality that is stripped of their true identity. Their new identity is built on a software platform using Facebook applications, photos albums, pokes, and tagging. Friends, family, and coworkers carry out their new identity each time they login to Facebook. I can say with a straight face that I have hundreds of Facebook “friends” that play “Second Life,” only it’s called Facebook. I can’t blame them for their warped sense of reality. When they’re on Facebook as much as they are, when they’re building and feeding their “identity” as frequently as they do, I can see why their perception is skewed. This article was originally intended to be a piece about getting your Facebook Privacy settings under control, but I should stop here so some of you can give some thought to what I’m talking about.

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