Zaire Page Faces 107 Years in Prison
24-year-old actor/hoodlum Zaire Page made a stunning final request before he was sentenced for his role in a 2008 shootout in Brooklyn, NY

Zaire Page, a 24-year-old NYC-born actor/hoodlum was sentenced to 107 years in prison Monday for his role in a deadly 2008 shootout in Brooklyn, NY.

When Judge Vincent Del Giudice asked if he had any last requests before sentencing, he told the judge:

“With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my d*ck.”

This was undoubtedly the 2nd realest courtroom scene in the history of the American legal system, topped only by that time when LarenzTate threw a chair at the judge in that classic Hughes Bros. flick, Dead Presidents.

Judging by Tate’s momma’s reaction and the buzz Page’s monologue are generating, these are two prime examples of when keepin it real goes so very wrong.