I will let the pictures do the talking here, but first here is a little context.   I was lucky enough to call in a favor from a  good friend to be able to secure 6 pretty great tickets to a 2008 NASCAR race at Phoenix Raceway.  To be very accurate; Sunday, Nov 9, 2008.   The day before I was to leave I was supposed to have received the tickets, and to my dismay they never showed up.  ( I was taking my girlfriend at the time, my sister, and her husband with me to enjoy the race).  Long story short is that I never got the tickets, yet we were lucky enough to have hot passes arranged via NASCAR a hour before the race which allowed us entry.   We snuck into seats for the race and a great time was had by all, yet the mystery of the lost tickets remained.  If anyone knows anyone at UPS, please forward them this article so I can finally get my apology.  They can SUBMIT THE APOLOGY HERE…

The mystery was finally solved this morning when I received the following e-mail;  (27 MONTHS LATER!!!!)

Email UPS

And here is the photo attachment of the long last tickets;