BF Goodrich has signed Shaun White in a very smart move, just prior to the start of the Winter X-Games in Aspen. They will be launching 3 commercials (seen below) which will lead to a sub-site of BFGoodrich Tires ( According to

Over the next few months, 30-second commercials featuring White learning to buckle a five-point harness, learning to drive stick (yes, for the first time) and practicing drifting and cornering on a private track at an abandoned airport in Orange County will be released, starting this weekend. The commercials will kick to a sub-site of BFGoodrich Tires, where longer webisodes will follow White as he learns to “Upgrade to BFGoodrich.” White and his brother, Jesse, also designed a Vermont SportsCar rally car that Shaun will train in later this year.

What do you think? Smart move for BF Goodrich or no?

BFGoodrich & Shaun White – Cars

BFGoodrich & Shaun White – Harness

BFGoodrich & Shaun White – Cones

via @Darrenrovell