Poland Loves Cosby Sweaters

Taking My Sweater Off

I’m going to pull back the curtain, so to speak, and share with you some of the inner workings of Cosby Sweaters. From December 1st until today we have had visitors from over 175 countries. The United States is in 1st place, Canada is in 2nd, jump down 172 more and we have Djibouti tied with Guinea-Bissau at the bottom. Sweet sweet Poland has been consistently ranked #36 pinched between Norway and Puerto Rico—until two days ago. Poland now dominates the number 2 spot for the month of January. How the hell did that happen? In only two days Poland was able to catapult past the usual heavy hitters—the UK and Canada and secure itself in the number two seat. Shocking.

Interesting Facts

  • Over 92% of our Polish friends have their browser language settings set to Polish (high probability they can’t read a word on our site)
  • Over 97% of our Polish friends came to Cosby Sweaters for their first time
  • Over 99% of our Polish friends have a fascination with islands being formed
  • Less than 0.2% of our Polish friends are interested in the Lingerie Football League
  • Internet access in Poland is some of the most expensive in Europe due to lack of competing services

Fun Photos