Kraft has come up with a very scary and beyond innovative kiosk which scans a consumers face and follows that up with suggestions on what foods you should purchase for meals. In an effort to make money off of the laziness of the general public, Kraft now will have these bad boys in aisles around super markets soon.

The average shopper, says Kraft’s VP of retail experience, Don King, has a paltry 10 recipes in his or her average meal-time rotation: Spaghetti, pizza, hamburgers, chicken, etc. Kraft’s goal is to help them expand that repertoire using, of course, Kraft products. Plus, 70% of them enter the store without a clue as to what to serve that night for dinner.

So, when a shopper passes one of these kiosks, they can have their face scanned and the kiosk will determine gender and age group, and will make suggestions based on those analytics. Check out the video below for a demo on how it works.

via Fast Company