Nintendo held a press conference in New York today to announce the details on the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS system.

Look Ma, No Glasses!The 3DS will launch for $249.99 on March 27 and come packaged with a 2GB SD card, a charging cradle, and six augmented reality cards, called AR Cards. There will be two colors available at launch: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

The pre-installed software includes:

  • Nintendo 3DS Camera: Take 3D photos with the 3DS’ outer camera, and manipulate them with a variety of different lenses.
  • Face Raiders: An augmented reality game where you shoot at virtual targets that use a facial photo you take.
  • Mii Maker: Much like it is on the Wii, but now with an automatic generator based on a photo you take.
  • StreetPass Mii Plaza: “The place where Mii characters meet and greet,” allows you to exchange Mii data with other 3DS owners.
  • Activity Log: Like on the Wii, the Activity Log tracks which games you’ve played and how long you’ve played them. It also acts as a pedometer, tracking your footsteps in exchange for Play Coins, compatible with certain games.
  • Nintendo 3DS Sound: This acts as both a sound recorder and an MP3 player. And since it’s Nintendo, there are sound filters and effects to play with.
  • AR Games: Using the included AR Cards, these games use augmented reality tech to put in-game objects in your real world environment — through the camera’s lens, of course.
  • Nintendo eShop: A digital storefront that allows you to buy DSiWare software, new 3DS-exclusive downloadable games, and classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games via the Virtual Console.
  • System Transfer: This will allow you to transfer purchased, downloadable software either from 3DS to 3DS or from DSi to 3DS. There is, of course, a limit on how many times this can be done, but that limit has not yet been announced.
  • Internet Browser: This is what you use to read on your 3DS.

Some of these items will require a post-launch update before they work, like the browser.

What do you guys think?  Are you going to be picking one of these up?

Via 1up