Seems John Harbaugh isn’t satisfied with the Ravens being the biggest show in just Baltimore (sorry Orioles fans, it’s true).  Harbaugh wants to take the Ravens and make them the kings of the region and, just maybe, the whole East Coast.

Here’s what Harbaugh had to say on WNST radio in Baltimore:

I love the Baltimore Raven fans. We’re reaching out and trying to get more. We’re trying to take control of this whole area. We’ll take over Washington DC while we’re at it. And head up into Pennsylvania and grab all those fans, and over to West Virginia and Virginia. Come on and be a Baltimore Raven fan because this is an exciting organization and exciting football team.

Harbaugh also talked about how much he loves being the coach of the Ravens and how proud he is of what the team has done.  All music to the ears of Baltimore fans.  Great enthusiasm, but given how entrenched the Redskins are I wouldn’t expect a spike in purple jerseys in Georgetown any time soon.

And, just to be clear, Harbaugh is talking about DC sports fans, not about taking down Obama so no need for the Secret Service.

Via FanFeedr