Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard Brandon Roy will have arthroscopic surgery on both knees according to Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune.   The surgery will be performed by team doctor Don Roberts but the course of treatment was determined in consulting with cartilage expert Dr. Brian Cole after a meeting last Thursday in the Bay Area.

At this time the surgery will be solely an arthroscopic procedure to attempt to make repairs in the knee.  There had been speculation a meniscus transplant might be needed (Roy has had his meniscus removed in previous surgeries) but according to Dr. Cole the arthroscopic procedure is the most likely to be beneficial.

After earning Rookie of the Year honors and then back-to-back All-Star appearances the end of last season and first half of this have been nothing but frustration for Roy and Blazers fans.   There is no official statement from Trail Blazers and no news yet on how long Roy is expected to be out.  Roy has missed the last 13 games while trying to rest his knees in hopes of recovery as the current treatment plan seems not to be working.

Eggers full story is available here.