You have all seen me in various pictures on the site and, as you know, I keep my hair relatively short and spike it up daily, like this:

Traditional Skeezy

I’ve been a little lazy with the upkeep of my hair and it’s gotten a bit long as of late, so long that when I spike it up I end up looking like this:

THAT tall

This morning I decided to do nothing with it and let it fall naturally.  This was the end result:

The Natural Look

When I walked into the office this morning I was met with some interesting stares, to say the least.  As the day has worn on, I have gotten a lot of comments on my new look.  These are my favorites:

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look older.”

“You look so much younger!”

“You look like your mom licked her palm, combed your hair with it and kicked you off to Sunday school.”

“Did you get a haircut?”

“Didn’t do a thing with your hair today, huh?”

“I like your hair!”

“It’s a combover!”

“Keep it for one more day.  I’ll pay you.”

I had no idea my laziness would meet with such a large response!  After careful consideration, mostly done within ten minutes of arriving, I’ve decided to walk my ass to the barber as soon as I leave here today.