According to the Seahawks crowd caused the earth to shake a bit during Marshawn Lynch’s beastmode run this past Saturday.

“By the time his 67-yard, eight tackle breaking scamper in Saturday’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints was over, the 12th man was rocking. And apparently so was the earth below the stadium. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded a small tremor at exactly 4:43 p.m. Saturday afternoon from an old monitoring system near where the Kingdome used to stand. And while Qwest Field is famous nationwide for it’s crowd noise, PNSN scientists think their readings show that was the first recorded 12th man tremor, ever. After all, the “quake” was recorded only at that single SoDo station.”

We aren’t fact checkers over here so we are going with the one scientists recommendation that this was caused by the 12th man.