History has shown that balls and electronics do not mix well. Shattered televisions, crushed laptops and destroyed iPads. Now the two can live in perfect harmony.

In a corner of the CES showroom we came across Lee Doerr, his iPad and his ballz. There are very few products that are more goofy looking. Yet, I never have seen a product that does exactly what it says. The iBallz are a set of four hard foam balls with an elastic band to protect the corners and absorb unforeseen shock damage.

Lee had no problem dropping his balls (and his iPad 3G) in front of us, over and over again. He was even confident enough to bowl his iPad down the convention center aisle for us.

The iBallz are perfect for those of us who are consistently clumsy and haphazard with expensive electronics. The iBallz are primarily meant for the iPad, but work with almost any kind of Ereader or tablet on the market.

While I am not ready to drop my iPad from such great heights, the iBallz are definitely a best of CES.