We’ve all seen the ads about how Domino’s has changed its ways and made their pizza better.  In fact, I can assure you that they have done a remarkable job, as their pizza is absolutely delicious now.  How delicious, you ask?  Just ask Isaiah Pickens:

Around 10:20 PM on Tuesday, Isaiah robbed a Domino’s delivery man of his pizza and wings but TOOK NO MONEY.  Talk about a great new ad campaign for Domino’s!  Here’s the official release from the Colorado Springs Police Department:

Incident Date: January 4, 2011

Time: 10:23:00 PM

Title: Robbery

Location: 3349 E Fountain Blvd.

Summary: On 01/04/11 at approximately 10:23PM Officer Kris Fish and Officer Nate Johnson were dispatched to the Domino’s Pizza, 2850 S Academy Blvd, regarding a pizza delivery man being robbed at gun point during a pizza delivery at the Cedar Ridge Apartments, 3349 E Fountain Blvd. During the robbery only pizza and hot wings were taken. There were no injuries.

Officer Fish and Officer Johnson completed the interview of the victim at the Domino’s Pizza on S Academy Blvd before going to the Cedar Ridge Apartments, 3349 E Fountain Blvd, to check for a scene, witnesses, and possibly the suspect. Sgt Mary C Walsh went with Officer Fish and Officer Johnson to the Cedar Ridge Apartments.

When Officers arrived, they found the original address the pizza was ordered from to be a vacant apartment. The phone number used to order the pizza listed to a pay phone at the apartment complex. Sgt Walsh, Officer Fish, and Officer Johnson began walking through the apartment complex checking for occupied apartments in hopes of locating a witness or the suspect.

Officers heard loud voices and loud music coming from 3355 E Fountain Apartment B. Officers made contact with the occupants of 3355 E Fountain Blvd #B. One of the occupants matched the description of the robbery suspect. A show up with the victim was conducted. The victim of the robbery identified the male located at 3355 E Fountain Blvd #B as the person who robbed him.

The male, 20 year old Isaiah Pickens, was taken into custody for Aggravated Robbery. At the time of this ETACS, the investigation is still ongoing.