The Big Skeezy Challenge

While I was home for the holidays I had a lot of time to think, since my entire family seems to think that 9:00 PM is the “middle of the damned night” and uses that hour to go to bed. As I sat there considering the passing year and the year approaching, I had an epiphany. I would use 2011 to launch the greatest Big Skeezy Challenge of all time. Let’s get down to brass tacks:

Who? Who else? BIG SKEEZY

What? Overhaul Big Skeezy himself

When? January 1 through December 31, 2011

Where? Everywhere

Why? It’s about damn time, that’s why.

What’s the overhaul, you ask?  Walk with me and I’ll explain…

As you might have noticed from earlier posts with my picture in them, I have what some people might consider a “weight problem”.  I wasn’t always this way.  I used to be a hell of a lot more fit and do a lot of things I simply just stopped doing for one reason or another.  I’ve decided to use 2011 to launch an overhaul of myself.  I’m going to fight my way back down to my playing weight, as well as quit smoking and stop biting my nails.

Here’s how it’s going to work.  Cosby Sweaters will update the 2011 Big Skeezy Challenge once a week.  We’ll track my progress and I’ll write about what is and isn’t effective.  Truth be told, I’ve never been this big in my life so I don’t know what it’s going to take to fight my way back down from here.  I imagine it’ll consist mainly of that ridiculous thing I keep hearing so much about – “proper diet and exercise”.  It’s crazy, I know.

Also, we’d like this to be as interactive as possible.  Do you have tips for me?  Exercise regimens?  Best of all, words of support?  Send them along!

For those of you who like watching me do ridiculous challenges, you can dry those tear-filled eyes.  All work and no play makes Skeeze a dull boy so we’ll spatter in a few over-the-top old school items for all of you throughout the year.

There you have it, folks.  I’ve put it on the internet.  It’s real.  It’s happening.  Come along for the ride, would you?

Can't stop.  Won't stop.

Remember that picture, folks.  That’s the one I’ll recreate at the end of this so we can see how far I’ve come.

Here’s to 2011!