Apparently Carol Konchesky is not too pleased with Liverpool fans and doesn’t mind telling them so on her Facebook page.  Two hours after her son, Liverpool defender Paul Konchesky, played poorly in a 2-0 loss to Stoke City Ms. Konchesky decided she had has enough and posted this:

To all you Liverpool scouse scum out there, never mind the cockney c**t, take a real look at your team. Stop living off the past, the team are s**t. If anyone made a mistake, its the cockney c**t, who never should have left Fulham.
Not only did she make the initial post but she then responded as her friends started chiming in with their support:
Carol Koncheskys facebook page_cosbysweaters
Not surprisingly the post has since been removed and Mrs. Konchesky’s Facebook account closed.   Safe bet that Paul will be hoping for more road games with the reception he’s likely to receive the next time he steps on the pitch at Anfield, probably would be best if his mom not attend matches for a bit.