DMX Jail Pink Jumpsuit

Long time friend and business associate, DMX, is going back to jail. Less than 90 days after I specifically told him to stay out, DMX born Earl Simmons, gets himself in trouble. DMX’s probation was revoked in Arizona from 2009 after being convicted on fraud charges, identity theft, assault, and a grab bag full of misdemeanors. DMX was arrested on November 18th after he failed to report in to his probation officers and tested positive for cocaine, oxycontin, and drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol was one of the no-nos as part of his terms of probation.

X will be back in Sheriff Jo Arpaio’s Tent City Jail where inmates are forced to wear pink, striped, jump suits. Mr. X hates this jail and does not like pink. There, in February 2009, he threw his lunch at a prison guard which resulted in another assault charge adding to his ever-growing list of “I’m a dog, man can’t train me.”