GTA San Andreas CJ on Bike Bicycle

Sounds ridiculous, right? Well it is. I’m dubbing him Mr. Frivolous, real name Michael “Shagg” Washington, a back-up singer for Cypress Hill. Mr. Frivolous is suing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive for $250 million for “basing the lead character in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on his troubled youth.”

Mr. Frivolous sat down for two hours with game developers during the early stages of development to talk about “his street life including how the teenagers in his gang rode around on bicycles.” Mr. Frivolous was supposedly surprised to see that the lead character in the game “CJ” looked like him. So there you have it. A true thug that rolls around on his Huffy is now suing for 25% of profits from a billion dollar game and it only took him 7 years of playing the game high to make up the frivolous lawsuit.

Hey Rockstar, when I was growing up in grammar school I was in a gang. We used to ride around on our Go-Peds which made really loud noises and the public hated it. We even had girls in our gang. Now that’s gangster.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]