Beating the NY Jets 45-3 wasn’t enough. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan (aka Fatty McButter Pants) was popping off at the mouth and that had to have fueled the Patriots somewhat. What they did to the Jets was violent and abusive as they were seemingly sticking up for Coach Bill Belichick’s pride.

In the post game interview, Tom Brady went in on Rex Ryan and the Jets’ pregame chatter in a way that only he can. In that, “after this game Giselle is going to lick my toes so what’s really good”…kinda way.

Two quotes that we’re obviously directed at Rex Ryan and his manufactured pre-game drama:

1. “We take after our coach…”
Translation: “Boy, I’m glad that chubby taco vacuum isn’t my coach. He may be a defensive genius but we just dropped 45 on ’em, sooo….”

2. “When you win say little, when you lose say less.”
Translation: “Rex, we just beat you by 42 points. Don’t let me hear you running off at the mouth during post game press conferences.”