It’s the holiday season and that means holiday parties.  Whether you’re hitting the office party for the free booze or your friends apartment for the random chance his college roommate will get drunk and let you sneak a squeeze under the mistletoe you want to be ready with the right gift.   To help make sure you get the perfect something for that special someone Cosby Sweaters will be offering daily suggestions to make sure you get the perfect something for that special someone. 

What’s one thing everyone on your list has in common?  That’s right, they have a nose and around this time of year it’s probably running.  So what to get for that nose having person on your list…. custom tissues!


While the need to speak German may limit your ability to enjoy their promotional website we all speak the international language of custom snot rags.  This is a wonderfullyversatile gift for anyone on your list.   While the less imaginative gift giver will get a sweet saying or cute picture of a puppy don’t be afraid to go with your bosses face or your uncles ex-wife.  A little thought and a quick sweep of Facebook photos should guarantee a crowd pleaser.  They haven’t yet replied to our order so their policy on nudity is unclear.

Happy Holidays!