Douglas Allen Smith, Jr., an unemployed cabinet installer who hails from Eugene, Oregon, is a big fan of the NBC television series Chuck.  How big a fan is he?  He’s such a big fan that he has legally changed his name to Captain Awesome.  Real talk.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, Captain Awesome is the nickname of Chuck’s brother-in-law, the dashing doctor who can do basically anything he wants because he’s a dashing doctor.

The former Mr. Smith was questioned by a judge who asked the question we all would have asked in his situation:  “Are you serious?”  As it turns out, The Unemployed Cabinet Installer Formerly Known As Mr. Smith (TUCIFKAMS)was very serious.  Once he convinced the judge he wasn’t doing this for fraudulent reasons, he granted TUCIFKAMS the right to change his name.  Personally, I think the judge should be known as Captain Awesome, because not only did he grant TUCIFKAMS the right to change his name but he also gave him the right to sign his name – LEGALLY – like this:

Right arrow, smiley face, left arrowUnfortunately, TUCIFKAMS’s bank refuses to accept the signature because it can be forged too easily.

Real talk.