Get your fashionable hands away from sports please.

According to Signature9, DKNY is now worming itself into America’s favorite past-time.

Mark Weber, Chairman and CEO of Donna Karan International says “Donna Karan created DKNY to capture the spirit of New York and the people who live here, including the most successful baseball team in history, the Yankees. This unique sponsorship gives DKNY a direct way to reach the consumer and also provides enormous visibility among a loyal, passionate audience—the millions of fans who visit Yankee Stadium each year and the many millions more who watch Yankees games on television. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to celebrate the City that inspired our brand and this iconic team.”

Well, guess what DKNY…  We don’t want you anywhere near baseball.  Baseball is about eating a hot dog, spilling on yourself, having a few beers, and getting the mind distracted from bull$hit LIKE fashion.  This is our space where we “get away.”  You are treading on dangerous territory.

DKNY will become the first fashion brand to have a permanent presence at Yankee via a permanent outfield bullpen sign in right centerfield and a DKNY Lounge near 3rd base where high-def televisions will include DKNY branded footage on rotation.

Cosby Sweaters would like to say to DKNY and other brands in the same genre; BACK OFF!