Last night my friend Kyle and I had plans to watch Monday Night Football.  He picked me up from work around 4:15, at which point he mentioned that he had invited a few people.  Some of the attendees would be nice young ladies so we wanted to make a good impression.  The challenge became how to throw together a party in roughly one hour that would both satisfy and impress 7-10 people.  This, my friends, is the story of the Cosby Sweaters Instant Party.

The first stop was the grocery store.  Our original thought was to whip up some tacos – easy, convenient, and tasty.  After a couple of moments of deep thought we decided to go a slightly more impressive route.  Kyle would make a tri-tip and I would make my “Not Quite World Famous But Quickly Gaining Popularity” Mac and Skeeze.  We split up, gathered what we needed, and reconvened in the adult beverage section where we procured some tasty beer and a large bottle of spiced rum.  One last grab of some break and bake chocolate chip cookies and we were on our way.  We left the grocery store and returned home, arriving around 4:45.

Kyle began to clean as I unpacked groceries.  Here’s a look at the bounty.  Note the bowl full of ice:

Halfway Home

Sailing Takes Me Away

CRACK!  The sound of two beers being opened filled the kitchen as I started prepping the Mac and Skeeze, which involved putting the large pot of water on the stove and tearing apart the sourdough bread for the crust, as seen here:

Making Crumbs

I’ll get into how to make Mac and Skeeze another day, but here’s what it looked like right before going in the oven:

It's gonna be good

It was roughly 5:20 when my dish went into the oven.  Kyle, having finished unpacking, cleaning and showering in that amount of time (impressive, eh?) took his turn in the kitchen and began prepping the tri-tip (another recipe we’ll get into another time).

By 5:30 we were on the couch, just in time for this:

Live From That Toilet in San Diego

The Cosby Sweaters Instant Party was quickly becoming a success, but it still needed two things – snacks and guests.  Luckily, both soon arrived in the shape of Wii and Kyle’s brother, Kendrick.  Wii brought a nice arrangement of modest yet tasty snack items, seen here:

Great Job Wii!

Kendrick, ever the gentleman, arrived with a slightly used bottle of cherry NyQuil (not pictured).

Soon more guests arrived and the Mac and Skeeze came out of the oven:

THAT good

Not long after, the tri-tip was complete and we all sat down to a very impressive meal of food:

So good

The Cosby Sweaters Instant Party was a great success!  The only unfortunate happening was the lackluster performance by my beloved Broncos, who fell to Philip Rivers (who is quoted saying, “‘Brian’s Song’ is the funniest movie I’ve ever seen!” as well as “Len Bias had it coming!”) and the stupid Chargers, 35-14.