On Friday after the Lakers game, several teammates overheard Ron Artest speaking to reporters about his post-basketball plans.  Apparently RonRon aspires to both become a professional boxer and play in the NFL.  Lamar Odom reacted first, choking on a snack he was eating.  Kobe Bryant, a lesser-known Laker, was quoted as saying, “Wait ’til I can’t use him no more, then he can  play.  Until then, (expletive) that!”  Derek Fisher was seen shaking his damn head nearby, presumably at Kobe’s grammar.

Now we all know that RonRon is great at boxing, as evidenced by his performance in “Malice at the Palace” a few years back.  Football, though?  I thought it was crazy until tonight when I was watching the Lakeshow and this happened:


That’s pretty good form, if you ask me.