Bump CS

Bump, the application maker known for its mobile device contact and photo exchange technology, has just released an update to its iOS applications — iPhone, iPod touch, iPad — that supports user-to-user music sharing.

In version 2.2, Bump [iTunes link] users can select songs from their iTunes collection to share with friends via the classic Bump gesture. Music recipients can then listen to the full tracks, as streamed fromYouTube, or preview and buy them on iTunes.

Co-founder and CEO David Lieb believes music sharing and Bump are perfect companions. “We think Bump is the simplest and easiest way to tell your friends about songs and artists you love,” he says.

Bump is making an educated bet that music sharing will follow in the footsteps of photo sharing, which is now the most popular feature of its applications “with more than a million photos shared every weekend,” according to Lieb.

Bump already supports contact, calendar event and photo exchange, and also enables users to become fast friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simply by bumping phones together. The startup also makes available an API to third-party application developers. PayPal, for instance, recently upgraded its mobile applications to allow for money transfers via Bump.

(via  Mashable)