Jason Thompson Thinks He's Black

Don’t know who Jason Thompson is? Don’t worry, he doesn’t either. Jason Thompson plays a neurosurgeon named Patrick in the daytime soap opera General Hospital. It was recently brought to my attention that pasty Jason thinks he’s black. In a recent issue of ABC Soaps In Depth (one of those  little magazines on display in grocery checkout lines), they asked a series of “soap stars” the following question: “If you could cast yourself in a classic remake of a TV show, what would it be?” Jason’s response,

My favorite TV show was THE COSBY SHOW.  I would nail the sweater-vest look!

Jason, have you even seen The Cosby Show? Unless you think you’re going to pull some Roberty Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder type shit, it’s not happening. Here’s some advice for you from Cosby Sweaters, please think before you speak. Actually I take that back. Don’t speak at all.