If you’ve been missing a childhood favorite or just want to start a new company without all the hassle of having to create a brand from scratch your lucky day is right around the corner.  Thanks to RaceBrook Auctions 150 trademarks and domain names covering everything from banking and airlines to beverages, cleaning products and clothing brands are available for you to purchase.

Are you ready to fly with Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston?


How about a life of luxury for the price of a six pack?


Need something for the kids,  how about toy shopping with a flying kangaroo?


The list is absolutely epic.  The bigger brands like Braniff and Meister Brau will lure out the easy money but don’t stop there.  Do I know what the advantages of Sky Chief gasoline are, hell no but I oil makes money and who doesn’t trust Sky Chief in their car?  I don’t know exactly what Collier’s magazine covered but I know being a media mogul is a great way to make friends and influence people so why not.  Don’t even bother bidding on Hot Pants, Cosby Sweaters will spare no expense to bring back the classic flavor.


You can see the full list here, but don’t hit the link unless you are ready to begin an epic Google session and some serious soul searching around the difference between “want to own” and “must own” goodness:  http://trademarkauctioninfo.com/list.htm