Thanks to the power of Yahoo!’s Babelfish translation software we don’t have to guess at what Jerry Jones meant as he spoke to the media about firing Wade Phillips today.   All we had to do was set the translation to from Jerry to English and the real story came out.


Jerry:  “An in-season coaching change is not something I’ve done before, something I was reluctant to do as recently as last week, but I think what’s best for the organization and the fans is a coaching change.”


Jerry: ” I’d change my mind from as late as Saturday. I don’t like the way that looks stability-wise, organization-wise.  I think it called for it and I recognized after the game that we just weren’t playing winning football or our best chance at winning football. I don’t apologize for changing my mind.”


Jerry: “We are grateful to Wade and his contribution to the Cowboys, leading us.  We also clearly understand we are not where we want to be at this time, and that’s an understatement. We share the responsibility – all of us.”


Jerry: “I do believe Jason has the temperament and disposition to affect a culture change. I think this is important. We know men’s styles are different. His style, I think is one that can be effective.”


Jerry: “[Jason] does have the opportunity to get the job long-term.” 


Jerry: We have eight games left and we have one goal — to win.