We at Cosby Sweaters are not political, but we know a big story when we see one.  We have been following extremely closely the hard battle for the House.  Last night, the Republicans scored a huge win by taking over the House and were able to insert their Boehner into the speaker of the House position.   We followed the headlines last night closely and have decided to share a few of them with you,  just to make sure you are fully acquainted with this Boehner.


This Boehner seems pretty cool.  I’d have no problem meeting this Boehner.

Boner CS

This Boehner is a leader!

Coner 2 CS

This Boehner is Polish!

Boner 3 CS

The people have spoken!  They wanted their folks and the Boehner inside the House…

Boner 5 CS

Boehner dislikes health care law.  Wants to pull it out immediately!

Boner 6 CS