Cosby Sweaters recommends the following 5 folks to follow on Twitter (in no specific order).

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1) The Fake Michael Bay @FakeMichaelBay

Why?  Because this is on his profile and he will make your day with every tweet… ” Guns | Explosions | Shredding Guitar Solos | Money!”

Fake Michael Bay

2) Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson

Why?  Because he plays Dwight on “The Office.”  Funny on the show and funny on Twitter.

Rainn Wilson Twitter

3) Sklar Brothers @sklarbrothers

Why?  Randy and Jason Sklar are brothers who hosted the ESPN show “Cheap Seats.”  Best part about following them on twitter is you don’t have to hear their annoying voices.

Sklar Brothers Twitter

4)  Bill Simmons @ Sportsguy33

Why?  Because “The Sports Guy” is a very knowledgeable “sports guy” with a pretty damn good sense of humor.  Kind of guy you could have a beer with and not want to immediately punch him in the face (except when he talks about the Red Sox).

Bill Simmons Twitter

5) Gary Busey @GaryJBusey

Why?  Because he says everything you want to, but are afraid to.  Absolutely hilarious.

Gary Busey Twitter