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I would like to accomplish 3 simple items with this post.

1) Insert “over-served” into your lexicon.

2) Hopefully teach you what NOT to do at a public event when drinking.

3) To entertain you

We strongly urge you to send in your own “Over-Served” stories you have witnessed.

Let’s Go…

Yesterday (Halloween), October 31st, 2010 my sister and her husband kindly offered to host myself and a couple of my siblings at the Chargers game in San Diego.  Of course we said yes, what could be better?  Coming off of quite a tailgate in Los Angeles the day before I didn’t mind  getting a large cup of coffee, listening to some NFL pre-game on the radio, and making the beautiful 2 hour drive to San Diego.  The drive was beyond smooth with no traffic, and I rolled into Qualcomm Stadium around 11:30am (with my brother and sister).    Qualcomm really has tailgating down to a science, traffic isn’t too bad, folks have great set ups, and drinks flow freely while cops walk by.  My brother and I immediately went in on the 18 pack of Bud Light and the El Pollo Loco my sister had kindly provided.  We had to speed things up as game-time was fast approaching so we shotgunned and headed into the stadium.


As you can see it was a beautiful day.  Sun was out, perfect temp, and just a very good vibe in general.  My sister and I grabbed a few beers (she paid) for our group as we took our seats to enjoy a wonderful NFL Sunday football game.  Just so you fully understand the group I was with has season tickets (6 of them) for each game, however we only had 5 people for this.  Knowing this we felt good, we would have an extra seat to hold the nachos and beer if needed.  However, we were wrong.  There was a woman dressed up in Charger gear who decided to take the seat herself.  She had another lady with her and one gentleman.  My brother even leaned over to me as soon as we sat down and asked her age.  I said probably 40?  After closer inspection we decided that she was around 32 years old.  She was already elbow deep in Bloody Mary’s.  Interesting bevie of choice; I love a good Bloody Mary with breakfast, however to have 3 at a football game just seems “a bit off.”

I knew things were on a bad path when she continually tried to strike up a conversation with me and I honestly couldn’t understand anything.  She started rubbing my back, my leg, and whispering some inaudible things in my ear.  Now usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, however she had plenty of things working against her, to say the least.  She proceeded to order her 4th Bloody Mary and made the ultimate poor decision.  She decided to “race her friend” to see who could finish their Bloody Mary first; she lost, but that is beside the point.  It was at this point that myself, and everyone in 10 yards of this young lady knew the same thing.  Some had been OVER-SERVED! Game time…

At this point she reached for her blackberry… I knew this was a bad decision.  She started to actually type something, I was beyond impressed.  In her state I was amazed she could type anything at all.  So I decided to take  acloser look to see what words of wisdom she was typing and to whom…

Blackberry Nonsense

Now that was more like it.  She typed “Yliky.”  Im assuming that she possibly was trying to type something else, but because she “over-served” herself it just didn’t come out the way she would have liked.  Moving on; at this point only my brother and I realized how funny and wonderful this is, and was about to get.  Please take a close look at the following picture.  This young lady actually passed out with blackberry in hand.  Notice, eyes are closed.

Bberry in Hand

Yup, completely passed out with blackberry in hand while trying to call “Yliky.”  I had to investigate a bit further, maybe she was just taking a snooze and was super tired?  Maybe if I pretended to also be on my blackberry and sit in the exact same way she would wake up and laugh?

2 blackberrys

Now at this point a few more people around us started to take notice.  Also, her friend conveniently left to go get what I can only assume were more drinks.  Probably not the best idea to do that when your friend has over-served herself.   Photo opp time.

Why Not

One more for good measure please.

Cosby Sweaters 2 thumbs upNow, this is when the fun really began.  I, myself had stopped drinking because this scene was way too good to not have my full attention.  People around started tossing bits of popcorn at this young lady to see if she would wake up.   Things started to also get a little weird as even Bigfoot tried to cop a feel.


I don’t blame Bigfoot for this, and you shouldn’t either.  Why not?  1) Because she “over-served” herself at a public event and 2) because her close friend left her and! 3) because her other friend who you can see in the above pic is laughing his ass off.  Now, it was about this point which things took a turn for the worse.  This lovely lady had consumed a large piece of pizza during her Bloody Mary domination, the pizza looked quite good, I even had a bite of it (true story), but it probably wasn’t the ideal choice for this young lady.    I am sitting in the seat DIRECTLY to the right of this young lady.  I see her awake from her little nap and lean directly over my lap.  Usually I may have been thinking 2 things in that situation, but given the circumstances I only had one thing on my mind… JUMP immediately a few seats down or to the right, I opted for the latter.   AND…HERE…WE…GO…

The wind up…

The Wind up...

And the Pitch…

The pitch

A few things to take notice of.  1) Poor choice of shoes by the young lady, 2) Notice how the vomit could literally go right back in the pizza box and it would be a perfect fit, 3) that it is DIRECTLY underneath my seat, 4) the empty beer bottles and Bloody Mary glass.  Here is the aftermath (sorry for 2 vomit shots, but you get some good detail here; and the magic is in the details.

Oh goodness, we definitely have a situation on our hands.  Conveniently, the young lady’s friend decided to show up.  Get her some water and get her the hell out!


Needless to say, I think everyone knows what happens next.  We leave the game early because it smells like vomit, security takes notice, they bring the paramedics to make sure there isn’t anything seriously wrong, the young lady gets escorted out, she spends the afternoon getting her stomach pumped at the local hospital, her friends sober up and they get into a fight, someone’s parents or kids find out, and you just feel like an a$$hole.

I’m hoping that this post will make the rounds with the purpose of educating folks of all ages that you can always have fun, but when you “over-serve” yourself in public, it is no fun for anyone.