I am so glad that I don’t bet on NFL games, especially this year.   No clear cut GREAT team, a ton of mediocre teams, and numerous just plain terrible teams.  Such an odd season.  Enjoy…

Carolina – Matt Moore is SO much better than that little bastard, Jimmy.  Possible pickup in fantasy is David Gettis who is taking over the #2 WR position and came up with 2 big scores.  Has anyone seen Carolina’s rushing game?  Deangelo and Jonathan Stewart are damn good backs, but getting little to no production.  Start looking forward to next year.

San Fran – I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it just did.  I love Mike Singletary with all my heart for the beastly years he was in Chicago, but he is delusional as shown this weekend.

Bengals – Tons of talent, no discipline.  Good news though for Carson fantasy owners, he actually showed up for this game.  Goodbye Marvin Lewis at the end of the season, coach known for defense and you give up 39?

Falcons – Roddy White is a grown ass man.  201 yards and 2 TD’s.  Falcons are in first place and starting to play like a first place team.  I’m amazed the burner Turner has stayed healthy.

Redskins – Thanks Jay Cutler.

Bears – Fu#k you Jay Cutler.

Eagles – Heading into a bye week, be bye Kolb.  Eagles still feeling good at 4-3, even with the Vick injury.

Titans – This team has an arsenal of GREAT weapons.  I’m starting to believe in the Titans a bit, regardless of Vince Young’s crazy self.  Kenny Britt got busted on Friday, didn’t start the game and ended up with 225 yards and 3 TD’s.  GROWN ASS MAN!

Jags – Todd Bauman!  Enough said.

Chiefs – Matt Cassel manned up and had a 144 passer rating.  They keep surprising me week after week, Thomas Jones looked great with 125 yards.

Steelers – Big Ben is back and their defense still reigns supreme.  This will be a hard team to beat down the road.  Only question is if their running game can get it kick started.  The fumble call was the correct one.  Hines Ward has now recorded a reception in 184 straight games.

Dolphins – Defense all the way in Miami.  Henne is learning how to manage games but is getting NO help from his running backs.  Maybe they could get one of the big 3 to join their squad?

Browns – What the hell happened here?  The sun even shines on a dog’s ass some days, especially when you have 4 interceptions.  For the third straight year, the Browns beat the reigning Super Bowl champion, becoming the seventh team in NFL history to do that.  This stat is pretty funny.  Colt McCoy = 9/16 for 74 yards.

Saints – Through 7 games, the 2010 Saints don’t come anywhere close to resembling the Super Bowl-winning team from a year ago. Last season, the Saints were 7-0, had scored 119 more points than their opponents and were winning the turnover battle at plus-7. This year they sit at just 4-3, have a turnover margin of minus-5, are averaging over 50 yards less per game, and have outscored their opponents by just 9 points.

Rams – They are still 3-4 with this loss.  Heart breaker losing in the last 10 seconds.  Stevem Jackson rushed for 110 yards and Bradford threw for 126 and 2 TD’s.  Most importantly no interceptions.  This will be a fun team to watch over the next few years.  Now, not so much.

Bucs – Jerramy Stevens didn’t play  because he was arrested Saturday night for weed possession.  That is the only thing I find interesting about this team.

Bills – WHOA!  Shitzpatrick throws for 374 yards and 4 TD’s?  Well done Mr. Smart man.  BUT… The Bills are now 0-6 which is tied for the 3rd-worst start in franchise history and worst since they lost 11 straight games to open the 1984 season. They have allowed at least 30 points in their last 5 games, extending what was already the longest such streak in team history.

Ravens – Escaped here.  Flacco had a 111 passer rating and Ed Reed is back, so in honor of that and the defense giving up 34 points to the Bills…

Seahawks – Im beyond confused about this team.  Especially how they are in first place.  They are 3-0 at home.  Kicker shoutout; Olindo Mare tied a Seahawks franchise record with five made field goals.

Cardinals – Stick-em. The Cardinals had five turnovers, including four fumbles. This was the second time this season Arizona lost four fumbles in a game.

Raiders – Again, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!  D-Mac had 4 TD’s and the Raiders literally ended Josh McDaniels possibility to return next year.  The Raiders scored 59 points in the first 3 quarters against the Broncos on Sunday. That’s tied for the 2nd-most points by a team through 3 quarters since 1940.

Broncos – No excuses here.  McDaniels is 4-13 since starting his first season with six wins.  Goodbye young man.

Pats – Lucky Bastards.  Belichick had a 4th down gamble which was reminiscent of last year, but they pulled it off somehow.   The Chargers outgained the Patriots 363-179 but turned the ball over four times.

Chargers – Again, if the NFL goes to a scoring system based on most yards, the Chargers would be a lock for the Super Bowl.  The Chargers have now turned the ball over 18 times in seven games after having just 17 turnovers all of last season.  It is pretty self-explanatory.

Vikings – Brett Favre has 2 fractures in his ankle, has thrown 10 pics, and Jared Allen still does not have one sack this season.   Sunday was Favre’s third game this season with more interceptions than touchdowns and the first time in his last three games he’s completed more than 14 passes.  Stick to wieners and wranglers.

Packers – No running game to speak of and Aaron was sloppy yet again.  They can easily slide into the playoffs but wont make it out of the first round unless they start to play better.

Giants – The Giants were trailing 20-7 after Tono Romo’s early exit, but then they ran off 31 unanswered points to put the Cowboys out of their misery.  Flashes of excellence, and flashes of aspergers.

Cowboys – Boom…  Enough Said.