I just returned from a lovely visit to the dentist where I had a crown lengthening prodecure.  I strongly urge you to google it if you are eating lunch.  Currently, I feel pretty darn good.  You may ask how someone could feel so decent following a pretty nasty visit to the Dentist.   I’m here to give you a simple 3 step process which you can implement next time you have the pleasure of visiting your local DDS.

Here we go;

STEP 1;  Choosing a dentist.  I strongly urge you to choose a dentist who looks like the local one I have chosen.  Do not go on yelp looking for reviews on best practices in your neck of the woods.  Spend some time making visits to the clinics and really scope out what matters.  It will ensure relaxation, happiness, and will make sure you don’t act like a giant baby.  True story, though the pic below may not do her perfect justice, she looks just like Padma from Top Chef.

Dentist Julia

STEP 2; Nitrous Oxide.  DO IT.  Remember in high school going to buy whippets and having to be all secretive about using it?  No fear, you have found a legal way to get all giggly and high.  I urge you to do your best to talk the dentist in not having to charge you or you will be saddled with a $250 bill.  They really dont care and I found it quite easy to get the price down to zero.  Enjoy it, I did!!!


STEP 3; Medication time.  The dentist did her best to try and prescribe me Ibuprofen.  CHILD PLEASE!  You need to make sure you get the Vicodin.  Anything else would be uncivilized.    I walked down the street to the pharmacy; picked up the Vicodin and antibiotics.  Almost there…  There just so happened to be a little market near the pharmacy and I was able to pick up numerous cans of soup and the best meds of them all.  A pint of Jack Daniels.

Game.  Set.  Match.


Trust me.  If you follow these 3 simple steps your next visit to the dentist will go very smoothly.