So one of my closest friends from high school informed me the other day that she’s now a lesbian. Now this doesn’t bother me in the slightest except that every time we used to drink, we would end up making out. I knew something was offbeat with her when she moved to Long Beach and frequented bars like The Silver Fox. She was also really into her “Ladies Nights” which I attended one evening. There didn’t seem to be any freaky business going on, just about 18 gals making quesadillas with the Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker. I am used to being around plenty of women, but I do have to say that the feminine verve was a bit overwhelming. I brushed off some of the peculiar behavior that was going on because she had a copious list of previous male conquests under her dress.

Fast forward a little bit, I decide to lurk my friend’s Facebook page which clearly says she’s in a relationship with said lesbian lover. I then creep to the lover’s page who resembles Justin Bieber (“The Biebs”) which makes my friend the “girl” in the relationship. So here’s my question. Is it better that I’ve been making out with the girly “girl” all these years?

I Kissed A Girl On Girl
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