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From the images below this Cocoa Beach, FL establishment looks like a pretty marginal one. “They’re lucky all their employees got arrested.” “We can shut the doors on this place and put us all out of our misery.” Of course, it’s fashionable to poke fun at stories like this. But Cosby Sweaters has another take: more power to ’em for doing their thing against all odds.

Walk with me for a second:

– Spud Webb wasn’t put on this earth to win slam dunk contests, yet he did.

– George W. Bush wasn’t meant to have a leadership role at any point in his life, yet he leveraged his opportunies and he got it poppin.

– Rosie O’Donnell was never supposed to open her mouth and be in front of a camera, but she has never stopped f*cking talking.

– Do the baggers below necessarily fit the “stripper prototype”? No. But God love ’em, they took their craft to the to the next level.

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Strippers Gotta Eat