Big game for Tom Brady’s hair this evening…

Bears – One of the saddest games I’ve ever seen.  Had Jay Cutler not been concussed we may have been able to witness the biggest meltdown in NFL history. 9 first half sacks should never happen.  Mike Tice is a bum.

Giants – Great showing by the defense (including this gem).  Too bad your QB still has a nasty case of aspergers.

Washington – McNabb showed up, got cheered, and won a game.  Nothing special here.  Mediocre team.  Anyone see how many tackles Haynesworth had?

Eagles – Poor Philly, all was going so well until Vick got his McRibs handed to him.  Kolb is garbage, how can that man not be ready to play after thinking he was going to be QB 1 to start the year?  Eagles head coach Andy Reid vaguely addressed Vick’s status during today’s presser by stating that he is either “day-to-day” or “week-to-week” with a rib cartilage injury, MSNBC reports.

Arizona – Derek Anderson got pulled… Somewhere on the Texans sideline a smile was seen.

Chargers – Looking solid even without Vincent Jackson.  San Diego has averaged 39.5 points in its two wins, 17.0 in two losses.

Colts – Shot themselves in the foot with the 2 turnovers.  Run defense is soft, still.

Jags – Josh Scobee gets the game ball for the 59 yarder to win the game.  MJD ate up Colts.  Nothing special here, but a big win for a struggling team.

Texans – Slightly confusing team, they should be dominating teams and are letting them hang in too long.  Arian Foster ran for 131 yards…. In one half.  Andre 3000 should be back next week.

Raiders – Hey, someone should kidnap Al Davis and ship him to Cuba.  Zach Miller breakout performance.

Ravens – Huge win for the Ravens, and a huge drive for young and not so talented Joe Flacco.

Steelers – Almost made it to 4-0 without Big ben.  His return to the team and a bye week will give their defense some well deserved rest.  11 penalties in unacceptable.

Panthers – I could not be more happy with Jimmy Clausen FAILING on that final drive for Carolina.  I had the pleasure of meeting this young and cocky d’ bag once, and now I hope he can stay healthy the whole season so the FAILING can continue and I get to laugh more and more.

New Orleans – Give Brees some rest, maybe let him take a game off.  If he goes down for good, your team also will.

Seahawks – What a bi-polar team.  Offense got manhandled.

Rams – Happy for Bradford and St. Louis.  1-5 in the red zone will haunt you in the long run.

Broncos – Very big win for Orton’s Orangemen.  Who would have guessed Kyle would be a top 10 fantasy QB this year.  Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal both went over 100 receiving yards — the second time this season Denver had two wide receivers with 100 receiving yards in the same game. (Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney against the Colts.)

Titans – 10 penalties, only 13 first downs, 288 total yards, and 2 turnovers.  That combined with Vince Young is not a recipe for success.

Lions – I really want to give these guys hugs, again.  PLEASE keep going to Caltron more and more.  P.S. 13 penalties probably won’t help to win games.

Bengals – What the hell is going on here?  Someone please explain to me how Carson Palmer got SO bad?  T.O. sighting at the game.

Browns – Sweet, you won a game.

Jets – I still hate Mark Sanchize.  L.T. gets the game ball for being able to break ankles, still.

Bills – Shitzpatrick is your QB.

San Francisco – Really?!?!  Alex Smith is NOT A STARTING QB.  He threw for 188 yards with a TD and two interceptions. His seven interceptions are the most by a 49ers QB in the first four games of a season since Steve Young threw eight in 1993.

Falcons – Bored of this year.  Mediocre, at best.