The Friday workday is about getting to it early, putting your head down and getting the stuff done that you need to get done so that you can begin your weekend properly. Your friends at Cosby Sweaters are here to help.

This instrumental track is what we call “whistle while you work” music. The track is produced by the genius James Yancey aka J-Dilla. The song’s title “Alien Family” is described via an interlude track on Dilla’s little brother’s (Illa J) album. Rapper and family friend Frank Nitt describes Dilla’s love for all things alien and the extraterrestrial musical talents of the entire family.

Put your speakers on high, put on on your headphones, tell your boss and co-workers to leave you alone while you coast through your Friday to do list with some help from Dilla (R.I.P. Dilla).