The Club Long Island Iced Tea

My boo’s friend was out of town this weekend and asked us to house sit on Saturday night. We’re into changing up our venue so of course we accepted. It wasn’t until after a bad-ass, hardcore concert in The Great Park did I realize friend’s house was 30 minutes away, 20 minutes outside of my commute allowance. Upon this discovery I knew I hadn’t packed appropriately. I needed The Club.

Wild Blue Stomach LabelI swung by a nearby Albertson’s and grabbed as many Mudslides, Vodka Martinis, and Long Islands I could. These things aren’t cheap at a per can price of $2.99 for roughly 6.5 oz, but they’re tasty and convenient. Picked up 7 pounds of ice and some Wild Blue to top off the portable refrigerator and we were on our way.