I can’t tell you how pumped I am for MNF tonight…  Monsters of the Midway throwbacks will be in full force.

Jets – The Sanchize has 6 TD’s in last 2 games with no interceptions.  Santonio Holmes’ return could solidify them as a top 5 team.

Dolphins – Defense wins championships… Except when you have Chad Henne on offense.

San Fran – JUST fired their offensive coordinator.  Probably the biggest disappointment in the NFL so far.  I’d still marry Mike S.

Chiefs – Don’t start believing.  Only positive for me is the Dwayne Bowe decided to show up for my fantasy team.

Detroit – Love their defense.  Young and Hungry.  Give this team a few more years.

Vikings – Sign of relief from Grandpa Favre. The purple Jesus dominates and bails out the old man.

Bills – Shitzpatrick is smart, but the Bills upper management is not.  Time to clean house.

Patriots – Not only am I worried about Tom Brady’s hair, now Im extremely worried about their defense…  So should the Kraft’s.

Atlanta – The Burner Turner is back and healthy and Matt Ryan knows how to manage games.

Saints – Garrett Hartley won’t have a job by the end of this week.  Bad luck.  Brees is still slightly off.

Titans – Bi-polar team, just like their QB.   C.J. and the defense dominate.

Giants – Eli looks awful, receivers look awful, defense looks sup-par, and Ahmad Bradshaw looks OK.  I wonder what Eli and Tom Coughlin’s baby would look like?

Steelers – Best defense in the league and Big Ben is coming back shortly.   Easy top 3 team when that happens.

Buccaneers – “Field goals don’t win games” (Josh Freeman).

Bengals – What the hell is wrong with Carson Palmer?  In a tough division to be sucking so bad.

Panthers – Pass.  A bunch of bumpkins.

Cleveland – Nice of Peyton Hillis to make an appearance.

Ravens – Welcome to Baltimore Anquan, you are the first good WR the Ravens have had… ever.

Cowboys – Big D breathes a collective sigh of relief.  Hey, was that THE Roy Williams?

Texans – Lackluster performance that will be remedied.  Please keep Andre 3000 healthy.

Redskins – Eeeeek.  Losing to the Rams? 1 for 10 on 3rd down conversions and couldn’t score in the red zone.

St. Louis –  Stephen Jackson has a MRI scheduled for today.  All that talk about Bradford, he had a 78.1 QB rating.

Eagles – Mike Vick = Pimp juice.

Jags – Congrats on getting those 3 points. Now please lose out for the rest of the season so Los Angeles can steal your franchise.

Colts – Peyton can have quadriplegic midgets as wide receivers and still throw for 300+ yards.  Dude is good.

Broncos – Kyle Orton throws for 476 yards and the Broncos only score 13 points.

Raiders – Losing to the Cardinals can’t be a good sign.  Again, someone needs to “take care of” Al Davis.  Sebastian Janikowski missed 3 field goals, I love it.

Cardinals – Pass

Chargers – Special Teams could some work.

Seattle –  Special Teams looks good.  Is St. Pete really turning this team into a possible playoff contender?  TBD