Tweet King is where the Cosby Sweaters team takes two individuals or companies in the same industry and pits them against each other to evaluate their social media prowess and to crown the most deserving…Tweet King.

In this installment of Tweet King: 50 Cent vs. Kanye West

In ’07 Kanye and 50 gave hip hop a much needed energy boost when they declared a sales war and launched their records on the same day, September 11. Kanye’s Graduation won the battle with 957K units in the first six days, while 50’s Curtis did 691K. in the fall of 2010 a new battle between the two music moguls as been surfaced by Cosby Sweaters. Kanye and 50 have risen above the crowd and have shown that they’re not taking their respective Twitter games lightly. They have both come on the Twitter scene in full force. They don’t have any twitter beef per se, or any beef at all for that matter – in fact there’re rumors they make work together at some point…but it’s about time we crowned one of these guys the “Tweet King”. Let’s go.

We have 5 Criteria on which we base our Tweet King. Each candidate is assessed on a 1-5 scale per category:

Vital Stats: How many followers?

50: 3,330,088 followers | listed over 20,000 times.
Kanye: 1,220,121 followers | listed over 16,000 times.

Advantage: 50

Engagement: Do they follow people? Do they interact with users/fans?

Kanye doesn’t follow anyone and 50 follows about 20 people. But it’s asking alot to judge mega star rappers on how many people they follow so we’re more interested in if they bother to interact with folks…regular folks, at all. Recently, Kanye tweeted the question: “who are the coolest creative people?” The question drew a boatload of engagement from his followers and Kanye retweeted a very large number of the responses. Big Kudos for that. 50 seemingly reads every tweet about himself. He randomly retweets people that mention him and he also likes using twitter to holla at some of his new female fans. 50’s engagement is more consistent.

Advantage: 50

Humor: Are they funny?

C’mon, these are two of the funniest dudes in the history of modern entertainment. To take rap beef to epic proportions, 50 flew Rick Ross’ baby mama to his NYC offices, took her out for day of shopping and posted the videos on his website. He followed that up with a series of web videos about a pimp named Curly.

Kanye is Kanye: he reminded the world of two very important points…George Bush is more partial to his white friends and Beyonce is way more talented than Taylor Swift. It’s impossible to choose who’s more socially entertaining between these two. Oh, and Fif named his dog Oprah Winfrey and tweets about her all the time…c’mon, how can you not love these guys?

Advantage: Draw

Authenticity: Are we learning more about the person?

Both have done a pretty good job of letting fans get to know them better through their Twitter stream but Kanye went in really deep when he discussed growing up after the Taylor Swift incident. He talked about having to lay people on his staff off for the first time and how much it hurt when people who once loved his music talked about how they wanted his career over or to see him dead.

Advantage: Kanye

Cadence: Are they frequent/active contributors?

They are both extremely active tweeters. 50 actually tweets more often but sometimes over does it. Kanye has a nice smooth cadence and sometimes less is more.

Advantage Kanye

3 Randomly Selected Sample Tweets:

And the Tweet King is….

The decision was extremely tough. The Cosby Sweater team analyized and deliberated, analyized and deliberated, but we’ve come to a decsion…

Congratulations 50 Cent on being the Tweet King!

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