Every new comedy on TV is the same: no laugh track; awkward character dialogue; abrupt transitions; deep character development. The commercial success of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm and the cult success of shows like Arrested Development led the charge and now every new show is following suit.

All of these shows are great but they need to pay homage to The Larry Sanders Show which debuted in ’92. Way ahead of it’s time. Garry Shandling is the funniest man to ever walk the Earth. I was excited to learn that the Complete Series is coming out on DVD on November 20. It’s already pre-ordered. 17 discs. 2800 minutes of Garry. Say word. Anything with G. Shandling is a win. We won’t even get into the original Garry Shandling Show (that’s another blog post). All the new shows are starting this week; Modern Family, etc. In celebration, be sure to cop the show the perfected the genre.

Clip from one of the greatest shows of all-time: