Vikings – Favre is old. W/out a Vincent Jackson pick up they are dead in the water.
Saints – All the pieces, just need to stay healthy.
Dolphins – Too early. Everyone has a great defense against the Bills, not sold.
Bills – Garbage. Trent is a bum.
Lions – Stafford is chubby and a sissy. Calvin got robbed. Lions defense brings the pain.
Bears – D-line and linebackers finally looked like grown ass men. Cutler does not lead, and can’t.
Raiders – Jason Campbell is NOT your answer. Off’ing Al Davis is your answer.
Titans – Not sold on Vince Young. CJ is a beast and will dominate the league again this year.
Bengals – Weak showing. Plenty of talk, no rock. Shot themselves in the foot w/ turnovers.
Patriots – Classic Pats game. No turnovers. Brady to Welker is unstoppable.
Panthers – Matt Moore or Clausen, doesn’t make a difference. Man crush on Steve Smith.
Giants – Need to get the running game going, or else.
Falcons – The burner Turner needs to keep his mouth shut.
Steelers – Escaped w/ a bum of a QB.
Browns – Yawn
Buccaneers – Yawn
Broncos – Elvis has left the building, as have the Broncos Playoff chances.
Jaguars – MJD is a little beast. Need to get the passing game going.
Colts – They will be fine. Lack of running game will be their demise.
Texans – Beastly. They have it all, just need to stay healthy. Young and hungry.
Cardinals – Ugly.
Rams – Bradford threw the ball 55 times. Not acceptable.
Packers – Not as impressive as advertised.
Eagles – Vick or Kolb?!?!? It’s a dogfight.
49ers – Disappointing. I have dreams about Mike Singletary.
Seahawks – Holy Santa Clause sh*t St. Pete
Cowboys – Romo is not a TD throwing QB. Early exit in the playoffs.
Redskins – McNabb knows how to win games in the regular season.