By now most people have heard of the Power Balance bracelet. It looks like a Livestrong bracelet with a hologram sticker on it. It’s used by athletes and other gullible people to provide enhanced balance and strength.

Power Balance Bracelet

Using basic kinesiology tricks the people behind Power Balance make consumers believe it can actually do something. I bought a bunch of these things and tried everything from stacking them up my arm to taping them on my forehead; I’m still a klutz. That’s until I wrapped it around my banana.

Power Balance Around My Banana

Gone are the days of popping As Seen On TV “supplements” and going to the doctor for my FDA-approved potassium medication and hello to my future of increased vigor, virility, and endurance. I’m saving a ton of cash and the people I hang out with can’t keep up; I can. You can pick up one of these for yourself here.