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New ‘SportsCenter’ Ad Starring Yasiel Puig Is Hilarious

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Walk-up music made its way from baseball games to ESPN staff meetings in the newest “SportsCenter” ad. In the commercial, Yasiel Puig chooses the perfect walk-up music before his presentation. Stan Verrett, on the other hand, soon finds out that Hanson’s “Mmmbop” probably isn’t the best option. Related Content 20 Mind-Bending Sports Facts Charlotte McKinney’s



Yasiel Puig Breaks Bat Over His Knee In Frustration After Striking Out

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Yasiel Puig is strong. Usually, he shows off his strength by hitting homers or gunning down a runner from the outfield. This time, he struck out and showed that strength off by angrily breaking his bat over his knee as he walked back to the dugout. .@YasielPuig plays Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball. — MLB


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Yasiel Puig Scores The Cover Of ‘MLB 15: The Show’


Sony unveiled the cover athlete and art for their upcoming MLB 15: The Show title on Friday, and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder has earned the honors. He takes over the reigns from Miguel Cabrera, who graced last year’s cover. The game won’t be released until next Spring, but you can check out the cover art



So, Yasiel Puig Has Been Benched For Game 4 Of The NLDS


In a move which is being characterized as a strategic decision, the Los Angeles Dodgers are benching Yasiel Puig in favor of Andre Ethier for a critical Game 4 of the Dodgers’ NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly feels like Ethier will give the Dodgers a better chance of forcing a


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The Force Is Strong With Yasiel Puig


Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers struck out on Tuesday night during the 3rd inning and when he got back to the dugout he wasn’t too pleased. The young man tossed his helmet down on a ledge where it was rejected for some reason. That is when this happened… It actually isn’t that amazing, but the



Albert Pujols And Yasiel Puig Went Head To Head Last Night

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It all started in the sixth inning. With one out in the inning and a runner on first base, Yasiel Puig caught a routine fly ball. Immediately after catching the ball, he threw to first base, trying to double up the runner. Eric Aybar, the runner on first base, made it back safely. Still, after