Las Vegas Takes Huge Losses In Ronda Rousey And Holly Holm Fight


Unsurprisingly, Ronda Rousey was not the only loser in the wake of her defeat to underdog Holly Holm on Saturday at UFC 193. Sportsbooks also took a pretty big L for the fight. Holm’s own team made six figures betting on their fighter and MGM experienced historic losses for a single UFC match thanks to



Holly Holm’s Team Wins A Ton Of Money Betting On Her In Fight With Ronda Rousey


Holly Holm’s team won in more ways than one in yesterday’s huge upset over Ronda Rousey. In addition to knocking out the previously unbeaten Rousey, members of Holm’s club pooled some money to bet on the fight. Considering that Holm was “at least a 10-1 underdog,” it’s not surprising to learn that those close to


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Vegas Releases Favorites for USC Coaching Job

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.44.09 PM

Vegas has officially added their two cents to the USC coaching vacancy chatter.


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Vegas Has Over/Under Bet on Times Anything “Deflate” is Mentioned During Colts-Patriots Game


DeflateGate dominated NFL offseason headlines but, with Brady’s suspension removed, thankfully the idiotic chatter has been minimal during the regular season.



UNLV Unveils New Football Field for 2015, Finally Embraces Vegas and Casinos


UNLV has spent a long time keeping an appropriate distance from the glitz, glamor, nightlife, gambling and every other Vegas aspect that transformed their home city from an isolated desert outpost into one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It appears those attempts are over, at least for the football program and new head coach


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Purge Your Soul: A Gambler’s Sweet 16 In Vegas

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It’s 92 degrees and radiating promise at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. It is Elite Eight Saturday and I’m being absorbed into a faceless, ageless crowd of skin and seekers. All sexes, races, and creeds are melding together in a trance-like state of bacchanalian bliss and this group is emphatically answering the question



Floyd Mayweather Got Us To Post One Of His Bets Again


Finally Floyd Mayweather decided to post a losing bet, this one which totaled $20,000. Floyd took the Texans to win straight up, but the Steelers knocked off Houston by a score of 30-23 on Monday Night Football. Now we can go back to never posting one of his bets again, like we had promised you


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The NFL’s Magnum Opus: Breaking down Conference Championship Weekend. Storylines, Legacy Implications, Predictions and Gambling awaits!

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It’s finally here! It’s Super Bowl Week! Oh, wait……this isn’t Super Bowl week? Well, it might as well be in my mind. No possible Super Bowl matchup can produce the amount storylines that the 49ers versus Seahawks and Patriots versus Broncos can produce. None of them! I’ll give you a second, go ahead and try.


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College Football Gambling: Bowl Series Part II


On this day after Christmas we give thanks to those who came through for us this season. But what I’m really thankful for is those schools that came through for us so far this bowl season! Many thanks to San Diego State, the Ragin’ Cajuns, ECU and Oregon State. With that being said, how in the


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Degenerates Guide to NBA Gambling: December 20th


You have got to love covering by a half a point. Thank you Vegas gods! When last we met the Miami Heat pulled off one of the best comebacks of the year against the Indiana Pacers in South Beach, however, the Pacers still managed to cover by a half a point. MAGICAL! I am still


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Degenerates Guide to NBA Gambling: December 18th


We may have lost our bet on the Trail Blazers last night but damn was that exciting to watch or what! Damian Lillard MY GOD! The man is in his second year and is already a Rip City legend. He’s heating up! Hell, HE’S ON FIRE! NBA JAM STYLE! There are 12 games in The